Go Tigers #2 The Bowl Series  LbNA # 6997 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 25 2004
LocationTacoma, WA
Planted ByMiniBullyMom    
Found By teamCatnip
Last Found Apr 30 2005
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"Go Tigers"
Placed January 25, 2004
By MiniBullyMom

#2 of "The Bowl Series"

Note: Due to construction going on in/around the "bowl" you may have to wander "out of the box" when following the trail of clues. If you read the clues throughly you should be able to figure out where you can pick up the trail! The box was alive and well as of Christmas Eve 2004.

Tacoma is home to two historic schools and their "bowls". We have explored the first one and are now ready for the second one. Locals will know exactly where this "Bowl" is and how to find the starting spot! But the box itself is not exactly where you would think it would be! I have had to modify where I was originally going to hide letterbox due to the fact that starting in June 2004 the school will be undergoing a massive restoration/remodel that won't be finished until July 2006. As the time gets nearer I will have to periodically go back to check on accessibility to certain landmarks! I have placed the box itself in an area that should not be affected by the construction work at all.

Directions: From I-5 take the I-705 Exit (aka the Tacoma Spur) follow the signs to Schuster Parkway then Stadium Way. At the end of the off ramp you will come to a light. Turn right onto Stadium Way proceed to the next light and turn right onto Tacoma Ave. At the end of the block take another right. This is a dead end street and ends at the school where there is a turnaround. Feel free to park anywhere along the street and proceed down to the school itself.

Clues: Proceed to the "gates" to the bowl located at the southwest corner of the building. There you will find two plaques. One is a large one dedicated by the Class of 1993 that gives a history of the bowl itself. The smaller plaque is to the right of the larger one and located about 7 feet up on the wall. It is the plaque that designates the school as being listed on the Historic Register. (Depending on accessibility you may want to take a sidetrip up the stairs to your right where there is another plaque and the "courtyard" where you can really see the majesty of the school! But this is just an extra thing to do time and construction permitting!) Make sure to read the plaque as it gives a much more in depth history than I could ever give you. Now..on with the hunt!!

While standing at the top of the staircase to the bowl look over your left shoulder at the parking lot behind you. This is the Staff Parking Lot. Go find space #90 and pull our your compass. You can either walk along the fence or cut right into the lot to find the space. I am assuming that the lot will be accessible to foot traffic during construction. If not let me know and I will modify these clues as needed. Don't have too much fun reading the graffitti left by previous students and clubs to mark their passing, because you will miss out on the panoramic view of Northeast Tacoma and Browns Point. When we hid the box it was slightly overcast and could only just make out the point of the point across the bay. Hmm…..can you see the lighthouse from here? You may be treated to a view of the various container ships as they wait to unload. We are home to the busiest port on the West Coast. THe Sea-land Terminal holds the record for the most containers ever loaded and unloaded off a ship in 24 hours!

Now that you are at space #90 take a bearing of 340* and get a moving!! You will keep the "diamonds" on the right as you proceed "down" the path! Oh..look at the wonderful old homes on the left!! If it's December the first home on the left halfway down the path (just downhill of the apartments) is brilliantly lit at night! They had over 200,000 lights covering the house, trees, shrubs and yard this past Christmas! As you look over into the bowl and across the bowl to the school you see how big it really is! One could get lost in it! There are rumors of hidden passageways and a ghost or two up in the attics! It boggles my mind to think that it was the premier hotel in Tacoma at the turn of the 20th century! I'm so glad it was saved for us to appreciate it's architecture today! The "lunchroom/annex" hanging off the back of the school is to be demolished as part of the remodel and a new one will rise in it's place that matches the style of the school in the same way they blended the old and new at Lincoln High School!

Hmm..wondering where the Tiger comes from?? It's the school mascot! Stadium has had generations of family members attend it. In fact the current principal (2003-04) recently was given an old student handbook that was found in either an old desk or schoolroom. The spooky thing is that the book turned out to belong to his grandfather!! His name was inscribed inside it! Many teachers have found lots of things hidden around there! Hmm...wonder what will turn up when they remodel the place? News flash...the construction workers found an intact wallet from a student that had it stolen from her in the early 70's. The wallets owner was shocked to get a phone message from her parents that the wallet had been found above a ceiling tile when the workers were tearing out a wall. Nothing was missing from the wallet from what she could ascertain!

Oh..and the students were gifted a 8 foot bronze tiger by the class of 2000 and 2001. It will follow them to the "temporary campus" next year at the "old" Mt.Tahoma High School. Then be permanently installed somewhere on the campus when the student body moves back in Sept 2006.

Hark…is that a Roman Temple ahead?? Not here in the heart of Tacoma? I know that the area is old but that old? How many columns do you see? My son and I have argued about that number as he says two of them are not true columns! This building was erected just a few years after the school was opened and just before the bowl was dedicated! See the conerstone with the original museum name? This was where I visited the State Historical Museum as a child..in fact I got my first chance to visit the "new" one downtown during the summer of 2003! Hmm…wonder if the old mummy is still hanging around here somewhere?

Well...back to our search, continue on the cement path to the stairway that descends down to the parking lot. Proceed down the steps and when you get to the bottom don't follow the white arrow. In fact go the opposite direction! Around and around!! You will soon see George upon the wall. Continue past him heading easterly! Hark there is the bowl ahead! Go towards it!

See the small building in front of you? See the "Point of Light" about 50 feet to it's right? Head towards en-light-ment".

Just south of the point of light you will see a circular pathway with stones in the center. Follow the path in a counterclockwise direction and stop when the path becomes completely covered with moss. Right now you should be at the eastern most point of the circle and the "diamonds" should be on your left.

Look back over your left shoulder and you should spy a small bench nearby. It looks like the perfect place to watch the ships come in and out of the harbor or to watch the construction. Hey…wait a minute it looks like a good place to stamp your logbook discreetly too! Hmm..wonder where the box could be?

Sit on the center of the bench and take in the view! Nearby you is a small retaining wall. Look between the wall and the base of the pine "tree". Under a carpet of needles is what you seek! Please rehide it carefully! If you have brought your camera take a photo..here you should be able to get the whole school in it! Maybe even some of the bowl too!

Now that you've rehid the box and are probably thinking about the trip back to the car you may want to consider taking in the local sights. Stadium High school was where the Disney Company filmed a majority of "Ten Things I Hate About You". The Historical District has had many homes featured in various films over the years. There are many old, beautiful homes located all around the high school. Hungry? You may want to check out Stadium Thriftway in the heart of the Historical District. Two blocks from it you will see Wright's Park, which is home to the wonderful Seymour Botanical Conservatory. Oh…don't forget…that Tacoma landmark eatery…Frisko Freeze..it's just up the street from the park on Division Ave.

Not in the mood for burgers or food? Then as you leave the school take a right on Tacoma Avenue and follow it down to Old Town and Ruston Way. Enjoy a stroll along the waterfront before heading south on Ruston Way in your car to get back to I-5.

Or to heck with all the sight seeing and you wanna go find a box or two more? Hmm..Pt. Defiance is only 10 minutes away! Just head down Tacoma Ave to Ruston Way. At Ruston Way turn left and follow the signs! It will pop you out on Pearl Street only 1/4 mile from the park entrance!!