Little Red Riding Hood Mystery  LbNA # 6977

OwnerLeapin' Lizards    
Placed DateJan 22 2004
Location???, IL
Found By ???
Last Found Apr 8 2007
Hike Distance?

Little Red Riding Hood Mystery Box

Clues updated/changed 1-7-14

The wolf
Is shaved
So neat and trim
Red Riding Hood
Is chasing him

Park at the park located near this roadside poem. A little "boyd" told me you should walk around the pond to the NW corner. Counting the telephone pole in the corner, walk east to the 1st wooden post after the third telephone pole. Look at base under wood in between two fences. (Be careful of the barbed wire.)

Park Closed Nov. thru March
Park Closes at 10 p.m.