Cold Brook County Park  LbNA # 6850

Ownerpale puppy posse      
Placed DateJan 3 2004
LocationGalesburg-Augusta, MI
Found By Renzema8
Last Found Aug 31 2013
Hike Distance?

Originally planted by KazooDog and kindly adopted in May 2009 by pale puppy posse.

Placed in Cold Brook County Park, about half-way between Kalamazoo & Battle Creek and just south of Galesburg-Augusta, this box was placed with the help of friends Joan and Ellen and our several dogs on a mild winter day when nobody else was in the park. For this park, a county park permit is required; a daily permit is available.

This is quite an easy box to find along what was an easy walking trail but due to recent storms there are some trees down that will need to be climbed over until the park does some maintenance; the only other difficulty might be in keeping to portions of the trail as no trails are marked.

Cold Brook County Park can be reached from I-94 from east or west by taking Exit 85 south (35th St.). Drive about a mile south on 35th St. until it ends at MN; take MN left (east), going about 4.5 miles to the park sign (left turn). Upon entering the park, take the road that leads to the day area parking lot. Map Quest may be useful for out-of-town visitors.

Once parked, you'll spot a picnic pavilion and lake north of the parking area. Since trails are not marked and may be a bit vague, simply head in a westerly direction, keeping the lake to your north (for this hunt, always keep any single lake to your right). If you're headed on the correct path, you'll probably see a couple of neglected shuffleboard courts and the lake will remain to your north/right. Soon you'll come to a wood bridge that takes you past two lakes. After crossing the bridge, follow the circular drive (generally northwest through a camping area),going past a lake where you may see signs of beaver activity (no kidding), continuing to an open field. On the other side of the field, go to the natural trail (about 220 degrees south) through a wooded area to a dirt road. At the road, head north, walking again between two lakes. Once past these two lakes, you'll find yourself in a primitive camping area where, just past the "facilities", you'll see 3 skinny sentinels on the northeast side of the trail. Follow the path past these guys along an unmarked,natural path that again takes you past lakes on both sides until you come to a "Y" on the trail. Take the arm of the "Y" that leads right toward the lake and follow it until you reach a park boundary sign and an ill-kept boundary fence. From the boundary sign, turn your back on the lake to walk about 40 steps along the fence to a large fallen tree, lying at about a 140 degree angle within the park boundary. The box can be found protected within the root end of this tree.

PLEASE NOTE: Because I'm quite short, my steps are much shorter than those of the average person; also in marking the steps to the fallen tree, I had to step over another tree limb.