A River Road Runs to It  LbNA # 68482

Ownershooting starz      
Placed DateMay 25 2015
Location???, IL
Found By ???
Last Found Mar 19 2017
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 8 2015

**Please use BLUE ink for this image**

***Clues updated 8/21/2015*****

There is a scenic drive 2 a town we often visit, along a river road. The road winds southwest for about 10 miles from Beltline Rd. to Hwy 72 into Ogle County. There is a spot we happened 2 stop on the way home from our last visit. We have passed it many times but had never taken the time 2 stop. A wayside picnic spot on the south side of the road, along the river, across from a Haunted House. There is nothing scary about this place, itís really quite serene. Stop and read the marker here, especially on this Memorial Day. Then from the picnic bench that is farthest 2 the West- face that direction, and take 48 steps . Turning right, look 2 see a multi-trunk bush/tree, what you seek is hanging approx. 2 x 2 ft. off ground in the tree. After stamping in, Please return and conceal WELL 2 keep this one hidden- and if you have the time, continue on your drive 2 the town we visit often, the Drive-In there is great!

Hope you enjoyed your stop, box updates appreciated- Thanks!

*** A special Thank you 2 DD and TDS for looking out for this one for us!