Fairy Stone State Park  LbNA # 6832 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 22 2003
LocationBassett, VA
Planted ByGaiagal & Artemus    
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My husband, young daughter and I camped for one night in Fairy Stone State Park, a lovely Virginia state park, about 10 years ago. We decided to return this summer for a week-long stay in one of the park's cabins. We had a great time hunting fairy stones, swimming in the lake, going out for a spin on the lake in one of the rental boats, and hiking on the numerous trails. This is a 2-generation letterbox hidden by myself (Artemus) and my 12 year old daughter (Artemus). There is a day-use entrance fee. Go to the park's website at http://www.dcr.state.va.us/parks/fairyst.htm for details. Here are the clues to the letterbox we hid there:

 Go through the entrance station, where you pay your entrance fee, an bear to the right when the road forks immediately after the entrance station (you'll see the very small Visitor's Center directly in front of you and behind the fork in the road).
 Take the first left turn you come to which will lead you into a picnic area. This picnic area is fairly large with two large pavilions to you left and a smaller pavilion to your right.
 To get to the smaller pavilion you must park you vehicle and walk across the foot bride that goes over the creek that runs through the picnic area.
 Go to the far side of the small pavilion.
 Stand with your back toward the stove built in to the pavilion.
 Walk straight ahead across the grass to the edge of the woods (approximately 50 feet), there will be an rock outcrop in front of you.
 Turn to your left and follow the edge of the woods for approximately 30 feet.
 At this stopping point, there should be a large white pine tree (about 5 inches in diameter) to your right.
 Now, continue walking along the edge of the woods another 20 feet.
 Here, to your right there should be another there will be another white pine tree (about 3 inches in diameter) and to your left there should be a redbud tree with a very hollow trunk.
 Now, continue walking along the edge of the woods another 20 feet .
 Here you should see another white pine tree (about 3 inches in diameter) to your right.
 Turn 90 degrees to your right so that you are facing the woods.
 While standing here, look slightly to the right of the white pine tree and up the hill into the woods about 10 feet up the hill and you will see a hemlock tree (about 8 inches in diameter) growing in front and to the left (diagonally) of a large tulip poplar tree (about 13 inches in diameter).
 The box is hidden at the base of one of these trees, on the downhill side, covered with rocks (I think it is hidden at the base of the hemlock tree but I honestly can't decipher my notes and can't remember which tree it is since I hid this box 4 months ago!).

Happy hunting!
Gaiagal and Artemus