Holiday Box 2003  LbNA # 6785 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 28 2003
LocationDublin, OH
Found By Silent Doug
Last Found Apr 3 2004
Hike Distance?

*****REPORTED and Confirmed MISSING*8/20******

I decided to carve a stamp out to embellish my Christmas Cards with. It came out pretty good, then I stamped all my cards with it. Once I put them into the mail, I decided to hide the stamp in a letterbox for those who wernt on my mailing list, so they could get my special stamp too. I decided to make it pretty easy to find, as I hope you spend more time with your families and friends and looking at Holiday Decorations and light displays.

While you are on your way to see the fantastic Lights display at the Columbus Zoo, Head to this box before the Park closes its gates (at dusk). Find your way North from Columbus to Dublin heading up Riverside Drive. Take it North past SR 161 and Emerald Parkway. On the West side of the road, at 7399 Riverside Drive, you will see the Scioto Park. This is also the location of the Leather Lips Sculpture, which is a clue to another Letterbox found in the same area. Park in the First, uppermost lot and head North into the Grove of Trees.

You must first locate the Tree which was donated by "King" of the hill, who slew Goliath with a pebble and sling. Once you find this Tree, head NorthEast 7 paces toward the 2 twins standing in the same spot. From this Twin Spot take 13 paces North to Northwest heading into the brush to locate the some-what hidden pathway. Stop on the Flat rock which lays in the middle of your path. Standing on this rock, Look to your Right, off the side of the trail to see the tree archway which is 3 paces off the path to the North-east. .............The rest will be changed in 2007 once my new stamp is carved, then hidden. Come back then