"Not so" Downtown Zanesville: The Americ  LbNA # 67181

OwnerBuckeye Boxers    
Placed DateMay 24 2014
LocationBeth Abraham (United Jewish) Cemetery, Rehl Road, Zanesville, OH
Found By k&S express
Last Found Mar 6 2016
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"Not so" Downtown Zanesville: The Americ

The "Not-so downtown Zanesville" letterboxes are boxes that will feature historical sites in and near Zanesville. I do not call it a series, because the boxes will be independent and may or may not be located near each other. .....More boxes to come this summer.


The American Light Company was founded in 1910 by Sam Goldstein and Abe Goldberg. Mr. Goldstein and Mr. Goldberg started the company manufacturing lamps and selling electrical supplies in a now historic building on Main Street in downtown Zanesville, Ohio. The building was named "The Virginia." Sam's son Barnie later took over the business. When Bernard (Barnie) was ready to retire, he passed the company on to the employees and my dad who was at the helm as president for several years. My dad worked there a total of 45 years beginning when he was only 15. I have this building/company to thank for supplying my family with our needs through my dad's employment. Thanks Dad!


From Interstate 70, take exit 152 and head towards McDonald's. At the McDs light, turn right, but do not turn into McDs. Continue straight to the dead-end/T in the road. Turn right onto National Rd (also called Rehl Rd.). Continue .4 miles. You will bare left around a corner and directly across the road from the blue house (on the right) you will see the entrance to the Beth Abraham/United Jewish Cemetery (on the left). This turn is just before the Truck Entrance sign on National Rd. There is no sign for this cemetery, but you will drive between two large metal gates to enter it.

Enter the cemetery and keep right on the circle drive. Park at the last (3rd) sidewalk. Take a wandering stroll towards AND past Michaelis on your way to the Father and Son "Land" Band. Say hello and have a rest. Now walk 45 paces north PAST "Levi" until you reach your destination and the Goldstein family. You will find your treasure under the CORNERstone of part of the "foundation" of The American Light Company. You can also find his son, Barnie (mentioned above), nearby.