One for Sorrow, Two for Mirth  LbNA # 67124

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Placed DateJun 17 2014
LocationN Railroad St, Ridgway, CO
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One for Sorrow, Two for Mirth

Hike: easy
Distance (round-trip): 2 miles
Logbook in second box only
Clue for #2 updated 7/2/15

This two-box series is planted along the Uncompahgre River north of Ridgway, Colorado. From the parking area, you will make a two-mile loop by following a trail north along the west side of the river to Dennis Weaver Memorial Park, then crossing the river and taking the bike trail through wetlands back to your car. There is plenty of wildlife to see, as well as beautiful views of the Sneffels Range of mountains.

My favorite animals to spot when I visit Colorado are the magpies, with their dramatic black-and-white coloration and long tailfeathers. They're always entertaining to watch as they hop around looking for food, or fly off with a choice tidbit or some other treasure.

These clever birds are featured in many superstitions and folklore. The "Magpie Rhyme" tells how one can predict the future by the number of magpies one sees.


Directions: Take US-550 to Ridgway, CO and turn onto Sherman St heading west. Turn right onto N Railroad St and drive until Railroad St makes a sharp turn to the left. Do NOT turn, but stay right and park in the parking area alongside the river.

Box #1: One for Sorrow
From the parking area, walk left on the paved path. Shortly before the truss bridge, you'll see an unpaved trail on the left. Take this side trail, keeping the river on your right. After a short distance, the trail will go up a hill and then level off, going through low brush and grasses.

When you reach a stand of tall cottonwood trees on the right, between the trail and the river, stop at the first tall tree. Starting with the tree directly to your right, walk 40 paces (1 pace = 2 steps) along the trail, past the stand of cottonwoods to a small juniper about six feet to the right of the trail. The first box is at the base of the tree, between the trunk and a rock on the river side.

There is no logbook in this box. Please re-hide exactly as described.

Box #2: Two for Mirth (and logbook)
Continue along the trail. After a ways there is a side trail on the left that goes up a small hill, but keep going straight on the main trail and through the open gate in the fence. Soon you will come to a second fence; after you walk through it, the trail will begin to split off numerous side trails, but always keep right to stay following the river bank. (I believe that any of these side trails will take you to your destination as well, but I can't guarantee it.)

Shortly after passing through the third fence, the trail opens up into a grassy area. You have reached Dennis Weaver Memorial Park. Take the trail to the left and climb the steps up the hill to reach the big sculpture of a soaring eagle. Please be stealthy here--this park gets many visitors!

On the outer circular path surrounding the eagle, there are signs for the cardinal directions. Find the black sign for West. With your back to the eagle, notice that there are three juniper trees aligned with you: the first is at the outer edge of the circle, the second is by a picnic bench, and the third hides the box at its base under a rock. WATCH OUT for low-growing cactus among the brush near the tree.

Please re-seal all bags and re-hide carefully, making sure the box is not visible from any angle.


To return, follow the path north away from the eagle and turn right onto the road (Riversage Dr). Go over the bridge, then turn right onto the paved bike path. Continue following the paved path until you cross the truss bridge and get back to your car.