S-Bergman Park 2  LbNA # 67119

OwnerD's D'Alphabet Of Boxes    
Placed DateJun 16 2014
LocationBergman Park, Jamestown, NY
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Start at Bergman Park Jamestown,New York. Start near the horshoes. Find the Timber Challange exercise equipment. Find the Balance Beam. Farther away from this is the Vertical Ladder. In between these two about half way between more or less is a noticealble path. There are other smaller fainter paths.These are not it. Start on the wider dirt path. It starts to go down hill. Walk until it meets another path that goes left and right. STOP. Turn right and go about 10 steps. STOP. Turn left again and face the woods. There is a large stump. Walk to this stump.Now go farther in the woods about 40 steps. You will have to walk over or around a lot of branches on the ground. Be Careful. You will see an even larger but shorter stump. Look behind this. Please bring an ink pad. Please cover well with bark and leaves and sticks.