S.H.E.S. - PORTAGE  LbNA # 66720

Placed DateApr 11 2014
LocationPortage, MI
Found By SEC Roos
Last Found Jun 20 2016
Hike Distance?

Located along a portion of the Shaver Rd. bike path, there is BASIC parking at 9246 Portage Industrial Drive. Sorry, I forgot to bring my compass today, will have to rely on landmarks.

Your journey begins where ROAD ENDS. Any BonJovi fans? Pass the pines, mind the signs, around the bend past 1855 plug.
"Fee Fi Fo Fum! A seat for me made from a tree!"
Just past brown 142 the road curves left but you should veer right onto a faint foot path. There's a 'well-manicured' log about 10 steps in and a badly (oddly) damaged tree further back. Head towards the damaged one 'til you come to a metal stake on your right. If you get to the Hobbit hole you've gone too far. Stop at the stake, look into the woods on your right to see a dead triple trunker about 20 steps in. Two steps beyond that a smaller one has fallen and at its base, covered with sticks you will find box #1, Bunley.

Back to pavement, continue onward. Squiggle past the pines and brown 141 sign. On the right see a large berm and a Weeping Willow. Make your way carefully to the back of the Willow to find box #2, Motto.

As always, be mindful of Muggles, re-seal and re-hide well and write back!! :)