Lake Chelan Letterbox  LbNA # 6663 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 19 2003
LocationChelan, WA
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Last Found
Hike Distance?

UPDATE: We have learned that, sadly, this box has been destroyed. We plan to replace it in October. For all of you who tried to find it, please try again!

Turn off Woodin Ave onto Emerson, where the bear is holding the lantern. Park behind the shops, and, starting at the flag pole, walk along Riverwalk Park, heading east (left) along the lake. Take a left up the hill before the bridge, and head over the Dan Gordon Bridge. After crossing the bridge, go straight until you come to the path to your right, which will take you back down to the water. When you reach the main path, turn right, heading toward the wooden foot bridge. Don't cross the bridge; instead, walk along the grass to the right of the bridge. Look beneath the bridge, on the first main crossbeam, for the Lake Chelan Letterbox. You can either go back the way you came, or continue up the lake to the old bridge, and cross that to get back to your car.