Fain Lake #2  LbNA # 66485 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 12 2014
LocationFain Lake, Prescott Valley, AZ
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Last EditedJan 3 2016

This letterbox hike isn't very long, and is a sensory hike, good for kids to go along on.

Start at the map at Prescott Valley's Fain Lake. Zig zag down the way before you; right, then left. Touch the rough surface of the lone stone, and head right. Continue onto the bridge where you can stop and hear the ducks. Proceed off of the bridge and see the mining display straight ahead. Walk the length of the first place for tasting food and turn to your right. Enter the place of no sight. Spot 6 animals, then climb past them and make 5 railroad crossings. Stop at the top and smell the desert air. Continue until you can tell what time it is. The letterbox is under the orange rock.