CPCS CRABS  LbNA # 66482

Placed DateApr 13 2013
CountySt. Mary's
LocationDorsey Park, Hollywood, MD
Found By Stardancer
Last Found Aug 20 2014
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 9 2015

Box #1 Lax Bro
Starting at post on nature trail (West), go 45 steps.
On the left is a holly tree, on the right is a solid oak tree.
Behind the oak tree, you will find Lax Bro

Box #2 Dog
Begin on the trail near box #1
Continue on the trail downhill. Soon you will see the first of three fallen giants (trees) you are getting close.
On your right you will see a red-orange trail blaze, on the opposite side of the path is the largest of the fallen giants (left side of trail).
Facing the roots of the largest tree, walk around the right side of the toward the trunk of the tree.
At the base of the trunk, there is an opening.
The Dog lies here.
**There is a lot of undergrowth here, be wary of ticks if you are here during the warmer seasons.

Box #3 Homerun
Continue on trail past the bench. There is a fallen tree on the right. The fallen tree is leaning on a larger tree.
Behind the large standing tree, you will get a Homerun!

Box #4 Cupcake World
Continue walking to Post Marker #1 and stop.
At compass bearing 15 degrees NW, there is a tree with a broken stump at its base.
Cupcake World is hidden inside the broken up stump under some small tree branches.
** Please make sure to recover this box so it can not be seen from the path in either direction.

Box #5 Happy Ways
Walk straight out of the woods and back onto the path. Continue on the path for 31 steps to the funny looking tree that has holes all through it. It looks deformed!
Continue 35 steps and look to the left. Face the woods on the left and you will see a lone pine tree on the left and small twig trees on the right.
Walk into the woods here to a large double tree on your right, there is a smaller tree leaning up against it.
Hidden in the “V” of the tree is Happy Ways.

Box #6 Happy People
Begin on the trail at box #5 headed North
Pass Bryan + Jane’s tree and trail marker #2, there are a lot of exposed roots here, watch your step!
You will get to a ditch (dry creek bed).
Just before the ditch look to the right and uphill
You will see a four trunked tree, at its base facing away from the trail you will find Happy People

Box #7 Chocolate Fun – Riley
Leaving Happy People, continue on the trail past marker #3, stay to the right where trail forks
Just before a small footbridge look for a wooden post (4x4) on the right.
From the post, at 150 degrees SE and approximately 23 paces uphill is there is a two trunk tree
Chocolate Fun is hidden in the fork.

Box #8 Happy Mushroom
Cross the bridge and keep on the path. Start up a small hill. On the right is a tree with blue paint and carvings. Walk 5 steps past it and look East (right) and walk into the woods to the 1st tree.
Go 13 steps to this tree and look behind the large pale tree.
Here is Happen Mushroom.

Box #9 Pure Swag
Continue on the trail from Happy Mushroom, and pass marker #7
Stay to the right at trail fork going uphill
You will soon see a bench on the right.
Right before the bench is a fallen tree, it’s roots are on the left of the trail.
Facing the roots of the tree, walk around to the right and face the bottom of the roots.
Up high on the left you will find a hole filled with Pure Swag.

Box #10 King
Follow the trail to the bench. After the bench go 45 steps. Turn to your right.
On the right is a triple tree at 118 degrees SE (2:00 position).
Hidden in the triple tree is King.

Box #11 Peacetime
Back on the path, walking East, you will past a post (4x4) on the left. Continue on. There will be a quadruple tree on the left.
In a hole in the middle of the 4 trees, you will find Peacetime.

Box #12 Be Green
Continue on the path past the #8 marker. Walk on the bridge to cross the bridge.
There is a huge tree on the left right against the bridge. Look in a hole in that tree, you will see Be Green.
8*be aware there may be critters in here so retrieve box carefully

Box #13 I Threw it on the Ground
When you are done with Peace Time
Begin at the bridge and take 22 steps South, along trail
Turn left and take 11 steps toward fallen trees
Hidden under some sticks and leaves, between two logs is where I Threw it on the Ground.