Hide and seek  LbNA # 66478

Ownerblacksheep 1&2    
Placed DateFeb 5 2014
LocationLynx Lake recreation, Prescott, AZ
Found By2-2 wheelers
Last UpdateFeb 25 2015


Easy drive by
Hand carved stamp

From Hwy 69 Take Walker Rd to Lynx Lake. (look for Costco )
Follow the road to the Gold Pan Trail parking area. As you enter, on the right is trail 444 with 2 large boulders marking the trail. As you look at the trail entrance, on your left will be 4 large boulders. From these boulders down about 20 feet are 5 pine trees. At the base of the largest is large rock with a smaller one beside it. Stand with your back to the tree looking toward trail 444 . The box is next to your right foot under the small rock. Re-hide and let us know the condition.
As you may have noticed, you can search for “Dreaming of Gold” before or after finding the box. We couldn’t resist planting at such a prime location.