Box of the Month 2014:Atlanta's Big Chick (Februar  LbNA # 66477 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerFlutterby Flew By    
Placed DateFeb 9 2014
CountyNew London
LocationExeter Road, Lebanon, CT
Found By taylors
Last Found Feb 23 2014
Hike Distance?

As of 2/25/14, this box has been retired.

The newest round of the box of the month is underway!!

This year I have made it a drive-by for a few different reasons. I hope many of you will get a chance to stamp the wonderful creations from boxers around the country. As always, please remember to hide them well and naturalize the area so that others after you will be successful in their attempts to find it and so that it will be able to continue its journey around the country.

These boxes will be in place for ~ three weeks each month. From the ~beginning of the month through the ~25th. I will post when each one becomes available and when it is retired, I will mark it as such.

So for the first box in this series:

Make your way to Center Cemetary in Lebanon. It is on Exeter Road (Route 207) between houses numbered 644 and 662.

It is a very easy one to miss and drive by, that is why I gave you the house numbers surrounding it.

It does have its own driveway, but you will have to be creative with parking while the snow is hanging around.

Once you have entered the cemetary, walk to the far, back, right corner of the stonewall.

About three feet before the corner, stop.

At the base of the wall, behind a trapdoor rock you will find Atlanta's Big Chick by river of GA.

Enjoy this box and when you have finished, please be sure to re-hide well.