Goat Hill  LbNA # 6642

OwnerSolor & Binx    
Placed DateNov 23 2003
Location???, MA
Found By ???
Last Found Dec 31 2013
Hike Distance?

Seek out the river of dark rock in the center of the commonwealth. Goat Hill lies on the western bank. Begin where the medicine men gather, named for three water flows.

Cross the main road and follow the worn dirt footpath across a field. Stop to learn who dug this place long before you.

Through a stone wall and then up you go. Pass by the left trail…you’ve more climbing to do. A final steep ascent and the path divides once…twice. Stay to the right for a limited overlook view, but the paths will meet again just before a stone wall. Continue through to the wooded summit. Beware the slot-mouthed rock monster to the right on your approach!

Just past the summit a third wall awaits to the left. As the trail comes nearer to it, note a large erratic on the opposite side. Ten feet downslope, due west of the trail, pass over the wall through a low point (take a crooked path through the nearby pines so as not to trample the ground vegetation between you and the wall). Once through, two paces downslope along the wall, search the base of the rock “tower” to “get your goat”. Please do not move any rocks except the one at the base hiding the letterbox (which was not part of the wall).

Return the way you came, or take the scenic route: continue down down down along the wall, turn right at the bottom. Go right at the next intersection after stopping for a gander at the indicated historical structure down to the left. Enjoy your walk out along the river.

NOTE: Please do not enter this box in any type of online database. Direct email and letterboxing stories on the letterbox-usa chat list are welcomed. Endeavor not to give away the location of mystery boxes…when in doubt, enjoy your well-earned find in silence so that others may do the same!