Quacker - Retired  LbNA # 66386 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 4 2014
Location200 N Plano Road, Richardson, TX
Found By Team K9
Last Found Feb 18 2014
Hike Distance?

From Dallas take US75 north to Exit 24. Turn right on Beltline/Main. Turn left on Plano Road. The Huffhines Rec Center will be on your right. Please turn into the second entrance and park. Walk over the bridge toward the Rec Center. Turn left on trail before reaching the Rec Center and walk on trail with creek on your left. Continue on trail crossing bridge at St Johns and the creek will now be on your right. Cross Yale. Cross small bridge and turn left, creek is now on your left again. Cross large bridge (Duck Creek) and follow trail to the left. Creek will be on your left. Cross Apollo there will be a small school playground on your right. Cross over the creek again, creek is now on your right. Continue on the path and cross over Yale again and pass another small playground on your left. Cross over the creek again, creek is now on your right. Follow the trail until it Tees off. A turn to the right over the creek will take you uphill away from the creek into a residential community. Pass fence on your right. Up on your left is a small bunch of bushes. Make sure no one is about then leave the path and go to behind the bushes. There will be an opening in the group of bushes. Step inside the grove and look down to your right. There is a stump with a root growing toward the trail. What you seek is under that root.