Lil Ewok's Choo Choo  LbNA # 66384

Placed DateJan 4 2014
LocationHowell Train Yard, Evansville, IN
Found By printrswife
Last Found Jun 6 2015
Hike Distance?

Lil Ewok's Choo Choo

HAPPY NEW YEAR! In 2014 I plan to celebrate the Christmas family birthdays by planting letterboxes. Up first is Lil Ewok :) He is turning 2 tomorrow and he loves trains. He gets excited when we get stopped by a train, when he hears a train, and just going over train tracks. To celebrate he is having a Thomas the train party.

About once a week we drive by the Howell Train Yards so he can look at the trains. To find this box you want to go south on Tekoppel Ave and through the intersection of Tekoppel and Broadway. The road will curve a bit, you will go over the tracks, and stop at a T intersection. From here go left onto Dixie Flyer Road. On the left you will come to where the old road used to go, turn there. Shortly on the left you will see 4 sisters and they are protecting the box. If you get to the cemetery on the right you have gone too far.

Right now the sisters are easy to see from the road. I don't know what the vegetation will be like in the summer but I will check on the box and update the clue if necessary. Please reseal the baggie and rehide the box well.

*About the stamp(s): this box contains 5 hand carved stamps. I bought them on Etsy from a noxer so I listed them as "Custom". They are small so please be careful and make sure that they all get back in the box.