Grill 'em All  LbNA # 66377

OwnerCreeping Death    
Placed DateJan 1 2014
CountyLos Angeles
Location19 East Main St, Alhambra, CA
Found By MrOspital
Last Found Jun 25 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 8 2015
One of my favorite burger places resides in my hometown.
They won the catering truck wars and used the 50,000 dollar
prize to open up this brick and mortar. If you are coming
to get this box I highly recommend you come starving and
go eat at this burger kingdom. The Behemoth burger with
Primate fries is my favorite and I suggest you share the
meal because it is big.

What to bring:
Black ink pad
Brown and yellow pencil

23JUN15 Alive and Well

Theatre parking lot
Highest point sky view
West side
Do you see the big black glass building 2 miles away?
Turn around follow light post lineage to fireman's red box
Follow the line of lamps so the video camera doesn't see you
Watch out for center muggle video camera
Lift lamp light base cover next to the RED
Big box hitch hiker hide out

Black ink pad preferred
Bring yellow and brown pencil