Penny Chases Da Duck  LbNA # 66376

OwnerMama Losterboxer    
Placed DateDec 28 2014
LocationClear lake resort, Mckenzie Bridge, OR
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We spent a lovely (cold) last weekend of 2013 at Clear Lake Resort in Cabin #20. Our dogs came along and Penny, our labrador mix, had so much fun hiking the forest trails that I just had to plant a letterbox in her honor. My ten year old daughter Zoey got into the act and created her own box to plant. We imagined Penny chasing the duck down the trail, and this series was born.

Make your way to Clear Lake Resort, which is a wonderful day or overnight stop about a half hour from the towns of Detroit or McKenzie Bridge along Hwy 126. There is day-use parking if you aren't staying in one of the awesome rustic cabins. You can also rent a boat here, fish or eat at the restaurant (open in summer only).

This is a family-friendly series of boxes, involving a short easy flat hike on a well maintained dirt trail. Wheelchairs wouldn't make it, but kids, mtn bikes, and dogs will do fine.

Box #1: Penny Hike (by Mama Losterboxer)
Walk along the main road to Cabin # 20 at the far end of the resort. From there follow Clear Lake Trail No. 4341, which is clearly marked with a sign. Walk on the lakeside trail headed away from the resort.

At the Y in the trail (marked by a tree shaped in a Y), stay left on the upper trail and continue. After awhile you will pass by very steep trail to the lake on your right. Continue walking along the upper trail.

Look for a stump right next to the path (on the right side). Attached to the stump you will see a V shape of downed logs. See the tree that grows out of the top of the V? At the base of the tree, around back, there is a hidey hole covered in bark. You'll find Penny hiding in there. Please re-hide Penny well.

Box #2: Da Duck (by ZooZooMonkey)
From box #1 continue down the path away from the resort. Cross a stream bed and go through the log "gate". Continue to a double gate. Stop and face the lake and look in the split log on the right side. Da Duck is waiting for you there. Please re-hide well with sticks and bark.