The Hollows  LbNA # 66373

OwnerMarissa Moon    
Placed DateDec 31 2013
LocationViewpoint Park, Bellevue, WA
Found By pauls101
Last Found Apr 3 2014
Hike Distance?

The Hollows ~ CLUES
Planted by: Marissa Moon and her dad, Moon Pop, on 12/31/13
Active as of: 12/24/14


The Hollows is a letterbox pair located at Viewpoint Park in Bellevue - not to be confused with the Viewpoint Park in Redmond where the Middle-earth Boxes are planted. The most distinctive thing about this Viewpoint, in my eyes, are it's amazing trees. There are old giants with five trunks or more, and there are young tiny trees drawing new life from the remains of deceased ones. There are trees growing at a parallel to the ground, and even trees that have recovered from falls. Truly, the forest is stunning, even ethereal at dusk. Please take a moment every so often to look up. The trees are incredibly lofty! The boxes honor the forest and their stewards, the trees.

Directions: From SR-520, take 148th Avenue NE south. Turn left on NE 24th Street. Park is on the left.*


If the title isn't already a clue in itself, here's another: You will be making a reach of faith. Gloves reccomended.

With that in mind, start at the fake tree with words and head left.

Stay the course, following the path steeply downhill. When you have the option of going either gradually up (not flat) or again sharply down, go up.

Just past the tree growing alongside the ground, you will find a young tree growing on the hollow trunk of a dead one. Here is the Box of Youth.

Continue on. Stay true to the path you follow, avoiding the cliff and passing the tree that reaches and curves.

When ivy begins to encroach, don't falter.

You will know you are still on the right path as you pass between the pieces of a fallen tree, when you must lean left to dodge a stretch from one of the old giants, and when you look up to see a tree that is caught partway through its fall and now reaches towards the sky again.

Since the Box of Youth, your path has been more or less straight. At the point when the path changes direction drastically, you will find an old giant with many arms. The closest arm to the right cradles the Box of Age, as the title says.

The path will take you home, through the land where ferns live on trees.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson will point you up towards home. Wouldn't this be the sort of place where we could see them chasing after a mystery?


Please use care when resealing the boxes and baggies! This area is especially prone to water damage.

Marissa Moon and her dad


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