Forest Frog  LbNA # 66368

Placed DateDec 28 2013
LocationLakeview Park, Waterloo, IL
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Forest Frog is the first letterbox ever placed in Waterloo, and we hope that you enjoy it! This letterbox is located in Lakeview Park, which is a short 5 minute drive from "downtown" Waterloo. Clues are below:

Forest Frog:

From the parking lot, located behind the playground, follow the forest frog and walk away from the playground along the concrete walking path until you get to the Turtle Creek Nature Trail sign. Follow the nature trail through a dense forest of Cherry, Hickory, and Oak trees that is unfortunately filled with poison ivy. However, watch for wildlife everywhere- on our wintertime visit we saw several species of songbirds and woodpeckers, and during the summer, look for frogs and toads that love to hop along the forest floor (we didn't name this letterbox for nuttin'!) Soon, you will arrive at a fork in the trail. The Forest Frog veered right, towards the creek, so follow him. After several yards, the frog had to do some boulder scrambling, but eventually he arrived at his landmark- a giant dead tree that had hundreds and hundreds of fungi and mushrooms growing on it! Then, he turned left, off the trail and into the bushes ( be brave!) hopping 12 human paces. There the Forest Frog stopped. He had reached the big, partially hollow log that was his home. The frog jumped into a large hole in the log, wiggled in between some wood, and sat down. He was home.

Please hide the box nicely, in the log, when you have found the Forest Frog!

Hint: If you can't find the hollow log, look for the log with blue beer bottles near it. That's the one you're looking for!