FirstBox  LbNA # 6627 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 23 2003
LocationColumbus, OH
Found By sassyfrassy
Last Found Mar 5 2006
Hike Distance?


*** Reported Missing Nov. 2006 ** COnfirmed Missing Dec 2006*****

This is the First LetterBox Placed by OneFishTwoFish.
It was placed with my best friend in town, in Antrim Park in Columbus Ohio. I grew Up on this side of Columbus and this park was built after 315 was completed in the early 80's. I still live in the area and thought this would be the perfect spot for my first box.

It was the warmest, sunny day at the end of November 2003, that I placed this box with my best freind, Golden Solstice. We have both been LBoxing for a little over a year now and are just getting some great ideas for stamps and places to put them. Look for more of our series to come in the near future. Hope it stays nice enough for us to plant a few boxes this winter.

I wish I knew more about Antrim Park's namesake, but I don't and there isn't much information on the web either. I would have liked to put some relevant history in here for you to learn by, but looks like that isn't going to happen. You can learn as much as I know by reading the signs posted around the park itself when you visit to find this letterbox. Don't forget the many other LBoxes on the Antrim Trail and several others located up and down the Olentangy Bike Trails that parallel SR 315. A few other Boxes are just down the road on Olentangy too, Don't miss them!

Directions: (finally!) Start your journey at the Antrim Park Shelterhouse. Park in the first lot as you pull in on your Right. You need to find the sign that announces the Shelterhouse and start your Quest there. Head due East from this sign, Following the Paved Bikepath. At some point the path takes a 90º turn and heads North. Keep following the path avoiding all of the Racquet that might distract you. Once you pass the last of the wire fencing, be sure to keep one eye on the ground. Don't break your Mama's back by stepping on it, but once you pass the large Crack in the path, start looking to your right. Continue following the Bikepath and notice the sign that is above the Freeway on your Right. The sign you will see announces the next freeway exit as another State Route, named after the 2 towns it connected, Dublin and Grandville. Remember this Number!! It is 3 digits and you need to add them together. (SR 161 is the answer- since the trees now hide this sign)
- Continue following the Bikepath down the hill, towards the lower parking lots. Between these two Lots, Circle marks the Spot. You need to Get to the Center or this Ring to proceed. Due West is best when looking for a box, so start looking that direction. You should see the Trio of Trees that tell you how to proceed. 1 Bends left, 2 is tall and skinny, and 3 is Bulged at the base. From this trio, take 25 paces to the center of the ring of picnic tables (staying due West). Find the spot between the two trees that mark the center of the ring of picnic's. From this spot, look DUE north. This marks 12 NOON on the clock of tables.
- Now,Remember the Number from the Sign you saw above the Freeway earlier? Add those 3 digits up to find the time. This number shows you what table to go, what time on the dial you need to find. ** Hint: Its only whole hours, there is no minute hand.
- Once you know the time and head to the correct table, you'll see that you're just outside the dial, and it's time to turn toward the hidden valley. Take 32 Paces to the lone soldier who seems to stand at attention in the valley. Once you get down into the valley, you see that the Lone tree has a friend a short 22 paces away Due West. Head over to greet his pal, once you "meet" the first Soldier. After finding his friend you need to take out your compass and find 30º towards the woods. The Tree of Thorns is who you need to visit, he is 5 paces into the Hidden Wood. Stop at his feet and ask to pass. Another pace behind his trunk,under some fallen trunks and brush, hides the box with the Firstborn of
1 <|>< 2 <|>< .

Once you find the box, stamp in using the ink provided. We want to bring color and variety to your log-books. Be sure to Hide him back under the flora and makes sure you go unseen, as many off-trail bikers pass through the valley unexpectedly. Enjoy the rest of the park!