Autumn in Alamo  LbNA # 66173

Placed DateNov 4 2013
LocationAlamo Township Park, Alamo, MI
Found By hppy2Bmom
Last Found Oct 27 2014
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 4 2015

These letterboxes are located in the Alamo Township Park NEAR 8271 W. DE Ave (mailbox near entrance).

A well maintained park with Little League fields and this Nature Trail. Wide, level path, probably 1 hour or so walking. A sign indicates bike and wheelchair accessible but I think it would be a struggle.
Variety of wildlife habitats - hardwoods, pines, grassy fen and a creek runs through it. A lot of apparently wind damaged trees and recently cleared damage replanted with young trees.

Additionally - there are 4 other letterboxes in the vicinity. One in this park, 3 near by.

CLUES: The park entrance is a bit before the 8271 mailbox. ENTER ONLY. Proceed past BOOTH, MILLER & HUSTED fields. When you see 'TEEBALL #2' keep looking right for RECTOR NATURE TRAIL sign. Parking lot up ahead.
To collect these stamps, you'll have to be a bit Naughty. Enter trail, cross bridge, follow arrow for Nature Trail. Rest stop, clothes line, big sign saying, "NO!" Check upper right hand corner for OAK LEAF (stamp only).
Back to yellow arrow, continue on trail until another yellow arrow points at you. The shaft points at 2 pines and two 1' stumps. Check the stump with its tree lying beside for ELM LEAF (stamp only).
Back on the trail, watch for 5'6" stump on left. Look up to see a broken tree with a big piece of it hanging by a thread of bark (!) Onward. Round Bend. Bench. Round Bend. The path opens clearly before you. Follow it and you will come to...a ROAD!!! Look left to see another sign telling you "NO!" Go towards it anyway to find 'Pine Creek #2'. At the bottom of the red diamond find MAPLE LEAF (stamp + first finder prize)
After stamping, go over, around or through broken down gate (Naughty, naughty!) Pass compost pile on right, follow trail forward through grassy fen. Bird house on right. Up & around bend, bird house on left. Another bird house on right. Orange roots. 20 steps. Turn right but don't cross the new bridge yet. Beyond bridge, grassy knoll, split triple trunker. Around the back of it find HARVEST letterbaggy in the split covered with sticks. (stamp + log book) As always, please re-seal/re-hide well making sure it can't be seen from the front...Thanks!
After stamping, cross the bridge, continue bearing left, under a fallen one and you will end up at the beginning.

Write back about your experience and/or for help with near-by 'boxes.
Happy Letterboxing!