Yakima Arboretum  LbNA # 6586 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 29 2003
LocationYakima, WA
Found By Hermione
Last Found Jun 20 2005
Hike Distance?

Begin your journey at the fountain named after Donald Jewett
It’s easy to find, and easy to see, jut look; there’s nothing to it.

Browse inside if you’d like
but to find the box turn right.

A gravel path will lead you ahead
Watch your step, for there’s goose poop wherever you tread

Go past the three, no need to boast.
I’m sure you’ve already seen compost.

Through the winding path of Christmas Trees
You’ll emerge in the Oaks at the edge of the reeds.

Go north across the lawn and you’ll find
A Tranquil garden to ease your mind

Pass under the gateway that Hata inspired
You’re almost to the place where the box is retired.

When you get to the pond with the stone that points right
Cross two bamboo bridges, you’re doing all right.

(OK- they're not really bamboo but you'll know them when you see them)

Stay left at the fork and again at the stone
Step over the water and then follow it back down

Pass the blue Spruce on the left and Remember
Hitoshi Haga even if it’s November

Sit down on the bench and look out toward the water
The treasure is to your right ‘neath the water-side boulder.