Perky Pigeon  LbNA # 65815

Placed DateSep 17 2013
LocationPrairie Home Cemetery, Climax, MI
Found By spartanfans
Last Found May 24 2014
Hike Distance?

Prairie Home Cemetery is located on 44th St. between ON Ave. & OP Ave. next to Climax-Scotts High School.

Enter the North side where RAMBOW welcomes you as a MARSHALL.

Four granite stones made your path straight. One is your MENTOR to help guide you through the billowing SMOKE as you PIERCE your way on this path.

Up and OVER, you're on the WRIGHT path when you come to a choice: Right is right.

An old pointed pillar on the corner points you straight ahead. Stay Slow! KOPPS are watching!

Follow the path most taken, seven dwarfs stand tall on your left, "get a long little doggie" bench on your right.

Continue forward to NICKERSON, then right is right again.
Ahead on the left, find the flame of HITCHINGS. Then an almost private burial spot because of the growth of the cedars. There's a big rock in the corner with a historical placque on it. Also a geo-cache near...SO!
Park by DOWDY. Your car should be somewhat pointing towards an Oak tree near the fenceline. Find the letterbaggy tucked in on the fence side.

Students pass thru here, as well as caretakers, so please, as always, be discreet and rehide well.