Sieur de La Salle - retired  LbNA # 65548 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 17 2013
LocationHillside Park, Navasota, TX
Found By topcrop
Last Found Aug 25 2013
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René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, (1643–1687) was a French explorer who claimed many areas on the North American continent for France. He navigated the Mississippi River from the Ohio Valley to the Gulf of Mexico in 1682. He returned to France to receive a royal commission to establish a French empire in the Southwest. La Salle left France in 1684 and sailed west, searching again for the mouth of the Mississippi River. He missed the Mississippi by 400 miles and landed on the Texas coast in Matagorda Bay in 1685. This determined Frenchman built a wooden stockade, hoisted the fleur-de-lis and established Fort San Louis. The settlement lasted only a few years. La Salle died while exploring Texas by land. He was killed in an ambush by his own men near what is now the town of Navasota.
Prior to the French Revolution, there was no French national flag. A variety of flags were. From 1590-1790 a white flag with three yellow fleur-de-lis was the flag French explorers flew over the French forts and settlements in America.
Hillside Park is a small park with a three acre pond. If you have time, stroll around the lake and over the bridge. Hillside park is the start of a nice hike/bike trail the runs along a creek. The trail goes from Hillside Park to Victoria Park to Cleveland Park and ends at Manse Lipscomb Park. (
Directions to Park: From North/South on Hwy 6 take the FM 3090 exit. Head SW on FM 3090 to Victoria Ave. Go left on Victoria to Stacey. Go left on Stacey to Hillside. Go left on Hillside to dead end into the parking lot for the park.
Directions for the Box: Go on hike/bike trail away from the park. When the trail turns right to cross a bridge there is a large three that splits into three trunks. On the backside is a niche created by a huge poison oak root. The box is nestled in the niche under leaves and bark.
This hike/bike trail is well used. Be cautious when retrieving and re-hiding the box. Enjoy!