No Name Cemetery  LbNA # 65524

Placed DateAug 13 2013
LocationCassopolis, MI
Found By Beach Wanderers
Last Found Sep 25 2014
Hike Distance?

From M-62, South of Cassopolis, go East on Cemetery Rd.
**At time of planting this is very close to where Enbridge is working. **

The cemetery will be on your left. Pull into the Far East entrance. Pass DICKERHOOF (!) Pass #22 baseball fan on right and marble globe on left. Curve left X2. You'll be AKIN to get out and stretch your legs. Walk West towards NEWMAN. Do a double-take. COOPER on back (!)
Continue Westward to evergreen V tree. LUCY, wife of CYRENIUS MORGAN holds the treasure.

After stamping and you're headed back to M-62, you can turn right (North) instead onto Brick Church Rd. to get "Red Brick School".