The Joker's Wild  LbNA # 65399

Placed DateJul 28 2013
Location17425 S. Red Arrow Highway, New Buffalo, MI
Found By SunDawg
Last Found Jul 10 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 14 2015

New Buffalo is a cool beach/resort town off of I-94, exits 1 and 3. A lot of people only visit the casino but there is a lot of stuff to do and see in town as well.

We just happened upon this lovely park on the East side of Red Arrow, look for the Fire Station and the Township Hall/Office.

Children's play area, large pavillion, basketball, volleyball, horseshoes, even a checkerboard table! NO DOGS!

Pull in the drive and down a hill, turn left right away to park facing the Hall/Office building. As you walk up toward the building, take some time to appreciate the 9/11 Memorial Garden. Notice the two dark squares with placques in the concrete - they are there to commemorate the Twin Towers.

At the indicator, head East. At the driveway, turn right, then left onto a garden path. Left at the first choice. Horseshoe pits on your right. Do you know what the pits on the left are for? (Write back - we are curious!) Anyway! Continue on, you'll see a picnic table on the left and a nature trail to the right. Follow the trail. Right at Eve's Awareness. When you see pheasant tracks, look left into the woods for three tiny trees with 'elephant skin' bark and snaky grapevines at their feet. Find your wild card tucked in there. Fresh, new log book today, 7/10/2015.

Back on the path now, look for grey fox prints on left...keep looking that way...another 5 or 6 steps...for an alligator log! Find what you seek in the alligator's mouth.

Continue on the path. Behind the Red Squirrel is a fallen log between a big and little tree. At the split find the cards you need.

Now take everything back to the observation deck for stamping. The joker's box has everything you'll need in it to log a terrific poker hand!

...As always, please take care to re-seal and re-hide well...the joker's box is kinda full and lots of muggles scurry about here! Tks!