Doc Hudson  LbNA # 65314

OwnerThe Pakrat    
Placed DateJul 22 2013
Location???, NJ
Found By ???
Last Found Nov 16 2013
Hike Distance?

Doc was sitting at Flo’s that afternoon. He was old; feeling his age. Today even more so; he had just heard on the radio that Rathmann had gone to the junkheap in the sky. He was a Hudson, too; maybe a distant cousin? He could only recall the one time he had raced him in ’53, when Rathmann had won, in Jersey. That was a dirt track, as he remembered. “He had some tricks,” Doc chuckled to himself, “Rathmann won that one fair and square. I came in second, but it was a near thing.”
Doc almost laughed aloud, “There was that time in ’58 at the Indy 500 when Rathmann went into the third turn on the first lap and knocked into Elisian, causing a 15-car pileup and became the first pole-sitter to not complete a single lap. That was embarrassing and no mistake.” But he had come back from that.
Doc raised a quart to old Rathmann, “Damn few of us left,” he declared, “Damn few.”
Locate the remaining track. Find the end and stand in front of the inverted ‘V’. Doc can be found under the right side behind some small stones.
• No ink included; bring your own. Dark blue is recommended.
• Please rehide well.