Alamo Creek Letterbox  LbNA # 65142

OwnerNeoteric Kinematics    
Placed DateJul 4 2013
LocationKal-Haven Trail, Kalamazoo, MI
Found By Angel Winks
Last Found Sep 8 2013
Hike Distance?

Starting point is the Alamo section of the Kal-Haven Trail. Head East on the Kal-Haven Trail until you come across a "Driveways Ahead" sign (facing you) and a "Speed Limit 15" sign, facing the oncoming bicycle traffic. Turn left, and there should be a small creek (Alamo Creek), walk toward it. Turning right, you should see a giant cement cylinder, which goes under the trail. Walk over it, and directly on the other side, between the cylinder and the ground should be some sticks and leaves. They are hiding a letterbox. Please reseal all bags, and place as found. There is a special surprise for the first finder. If this letterbox is missing or damaged, please contact