Tetherow Crossing  LbNA # 6498

Placed DateNov 21 2003
LocationRedmond, OR
Planted By4Dtoes    
Found By Calli-K
Last Found May 29 2015
Hike Distance?

NOTES 03/06/2011 from Calli-K: With 4Dtoes' blessing I adopted this box today and will be taking care of maintenance when necessary. Please contact me through AtlasQuest with information about the condition of the container and the log books.

The walk is less than a mile round trip.

I SAW A SNAKE SKIN ON THE GROUND WHEN I WAS THERE - use a stick and watch for live snakes.

05/29/2015: I heard today that the "no trespassing signs" aren't there anymore. To get to this box you do not have to go over any fences, you are just walking along the river-bank most of the way until the very end. It's a really great vintage stamp that has been there for over 7 years, and it was worth it to me to go for it.

The original clues are as follows:

In the early 1800s, the Deschutes River was known by French fur traders as the "Riviere des Chutes" or "Riviere aux Chutes" - the "river of falls." The Deschutes River is now known throughout the United States as a river for fishing, canoeing, rafting, hiking, and beautiful scenery. Along with this natural allure the river also shares a rich history and importance to Central Oregon

Tetherow Crossing, originally owned by Andrew Jackson Tetherow, was a prominent river crossing, first by cable ferry and later by bridge, one of three major Deschutes River crossings during the settlement days of Central Oregon. Although Tetherow apparently never lived there, a house built on the site in 1878 is believed to have been the oldest occupied residence in the county, although major renovations have occurred over the years.

The property had a variety of uses over the years, from an inn and campsite to a store, farm, ranch, orchard, garden, dairy, blacksmith and brewery. It was designated a historical site in 1976 by the Deschutes County Historical Society, and added to the state’s inventory of historic properties in 1983.

From Redmond head west on HWY 126 to Hemholtz, (the reindeer farm), go right and continue on Hemholtz to the end. This is Coyner. Go left. Enter Tetherow Crossing sub-division and look for Butler Ave. and go right. Follow Butler and soon it will turn into N.W. 61st St. Continue on and it will change to Yucca Rd. Continue down to the river and park in the small lot by the Tetherow House. Cross over the bridge to find the trail. This is Tetherow Crossing!

You'll notice a fence and a trail. Head down stream. Follow the fence to the end. Go left and follow the fence again. A dead end. "Private Property, Keep Out" hangs on the fence. Look to your right. A tree and a huge rock, just past the tree to the right tucked in.