Gingko  LbNA # 6469

Placed DateNov 17 2003
LocationElm Grove, OH
Found By Eidolon
Last Found Jul 11 2010
Hike Distance?

Title : "Gingko".
Placed 11-17-03 by Salamander.
Location: Near Elm Grove, Pike Co., Ohio.
Difficulty: Easy.

This letterbox is inspired by one of autumn's prettiest trees. The Gingko's fan-shaped leaves turn a brilliant yellow in the fall. However, the female Gingko produces a small fruit which emits one of the nastiest odors in the natural world. As with many things in life, sometimes you "just have to take the bitter with the better".

CLUES: Go to the rest area on Route 32 near Elm Grove. Start at the "Windhover" sculpture near the restrooms building. Standing four feet to the south of the sculpture, take a compass reading of 184 degrees. Go 34 paces at this heading to a metal object. Then go 16 paces @ 165 degrees to a tree against a fence. The box is hidden under a rock and some bark where the tree has grown into the fencing.