Love Creek County Park  LbNA # 64444

Placed DateApr 28 2013
Location9228 Huckleberry Rd., Berrien Center, MI
Found By Angel Winks
Last Found Jul 15 2015
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Last EditedSep 30 2015

Love Creek County Park is 150 acres of natural area with 6 miles of hiking trails, great for birding and SPECTACULAR SPRING WILDFLOWERS! Also, cross country skiing + rentals and Fields & Forests Mountain Bike trail. Trails are open year 'round during daylight hours. FEES: $3.00 per vehicle for Berrien County residents, $5.00 for non-residents. Pets are NOT allowed. Maps & Info available at Interpretive Center features live exhibits - native amphibians/reptiles/birds, trail guides, restrooms. closed Mondays.
To find the letterbox you will be following the Marsh Ridge Trail, about 1/2 mile walk, up & down hills. Please stay on the trail and do not pick wildflowers.

As you exit the Interpretive Center, look for the parking space that is 6 from a light post and 6 from the corner. The x-c skiier points the way.
Follow the trail up the hill, looking for wildflowers along the way. (Checklist available at Interpretive Center). Four steps now, starting back down the hill. Then two more...a lot of Trillium along here...then approx. 25 steps down - some of these are actually roots! Mind your step! On your left check out the "woodpecker tree". Our guide today said this is the work of a Pileated Woodpecker. Wish I had seen it!!
Continue onward to find the planking. (Skunk Cabbage all around it) Go left for a view from the observation deck (and some Marsh Marigolds) Go Right for letterboxing. A short ways after the plankings end, see an oddly shaped tree that is looking at you with one eye!! Just a bit further, a huge uprooted tree with the roots pointing at you. Across the path from that is a 4-trunker. Please step carefully to the back of it to find the letterbox nestled in the V, covered with bark, twigs & leaves. Suggest going back to observation deck for stamping. Please replace well and cover completely as they do a lot of work here pulling garlic mustard and cutting back honeysuckle. -Thanks!
After re-hiding the 'box, continue on the trail past where it is split by a tree in the middle of it. Then right is right at the Y. Follow the way the skiier is facing. This is the Ridge part of the trail that takes you back up the hill and through a grove of pines. At the BIKE sign, follow the arrow to a clearing. Another arrow points the way back to the Interpretive Center.