One Hundred Acre Woods  LbNA # 6396 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 9 2003
LocationVermilion, OH
Found By Blaze
Last Found Sep 6 2004
Hike Distance?

Tools: Large Stamp Pad, Pen, Compass

Difficulty: Easy-Approx.45 minutes

Paces=2 steps

Planted by JillBear

Take Rt.2 to Vermilion/Sunnyside Rd exit. Turn right on Jerusalem and left on Vermilion road. When you come to a dead end make a right on North Ridge Road. Go down the long, curvy hill and make a right at Bacon Woods Park(part of Mill Hollow Reservation). Go to the end of the road and park in the last parking lot.

Head down the trail going past the maps of the trails and wildlife. You will soon come to a Y and head left. From the 12" fish go 16 paces to a splintered stump about 4' high. In one of the secret panels you will find the home of PIGLET.

Go back on the trail continuing in a NE direction. Where the tree leans over the trail from the left stop and take a reading of 60 degrees. Head toward the tree with "snakes" wrapped around it. From the east side of this tree go 10 paces at 60 degrees to where X marks the spot. Here is where you will find POOH taking a nap.

Go back to the trail continuing in the same direction with the stream on the left. Stay on the Bacon Woods trail(see the arrow?) You will come to another Y where you will find a man made bench-have a seat! From here look 240 degrees and head towards the fallen cluster of logs. Follow the logs to the area where they fall between two trees making a Y to your right. Look under the log and hereyou will find where EEYORE has attempted to build his home once again.

Continue on Bacon Wood trail. You will soon cross a bridge, continue strolling and you will come to another bridge(wooden walkway). At the end of the wooden walkway step of towards the NW side and count back 52 wooden planks. Here TIGGER has hopped into a cubby covered in rocks.

Continue on to where the trail dead ends and head south. You will soon go up a small incline and back down. When you come to flat ground keep your eyes peeled to the left hand side. Soon you will see three trees bowing to the left. Looking at them head 120 degrees towards a large boulder. Climb to the boulder. Walking to the left of the boulder and the first fallen tree with rocks emedded in its base, head to the larger fallen tree. Go around the tree and look underneath near the base. Congratulations the GANGS ALL HERE!

Head back down to the trail and you are back where you started.