Let's Be Sense-Able  LbNA # 6356

Ownerpale puppy posse      
Placed DateNov 6 2003
Location???, MI
Found By ???
Last Found Nov 27 2010
Hike Distance?

Originally planted by KazooDog and kindly adopted in May 2009 by pale puppy posse.

Near the spot where this microbox is placed, those who seek it may hear the sound of traffic as well as the sirens from a near-by fire station; may see the lovely patina on the copper roof of a local historic site and may wonder, in viewing it, if the water tasted better in days of yore; may touch the brick of the public school building that is next to this letterbox site; and may even smell the freshness of a nearby wooded area (no food aromas, though, as the nearest good restaurant is a few blocks away in Oakwood Plaza). Upon finding this sensory treasure, park at the southern end of the parking area.

This is a simple, very easy-to-find and negotiate microbox.

Within this small garden area, take delight - especially in spring and summer - in the various sensory opportunities you encounter. At the second brick wall, curving beautifully, where vines cling to the brick at the east end, there is a stand of ornamental grass and an invitation to take a taste of nature. About 225 degrees beyond the sign that invites you to taste, in a protected corner of the brick wall and within easy grasp, you will find a microbox.