Have you seen my cat?  LbNA # 63478

OwnerHLR chippers    
Placed DateNov 5 2012
LocationMarshall Riverwalk, Marshall, MI
Found By Angel Winks
Last Found Nov 17 2012
Hike Distance?

Take South Kalamazoo Street to Pearl Street. Go to the end of Pearl Street where you will find the Marshall Riverwalk parking area.
Head up the boardwalk next to the green garbage can. At the end of the boardwalk, there is a black post to your left. The “light” of the post points your way to the water. Follow the path to the water. The path you need to take is to your left, but there is scenic view on the right side. If you follow, you will see the Kalamazoo River on your right. Keep following the path.
You can go any direction from here, but just make sure you keep the river on your right. When you reach the next boardwalk, turn right down the path. At the bottom is a nice view of the Kalamazoo River. Turn left to continue into the woods, in search of my cat.
Just a few feet down the path, my cat saw turtles on a log and pawed at the fence. Continue down the path. Soon we came across a three-trunked tree next to the river that my cat wanted to climb, but it was too far away and we continued.
My cat ran quickly down the now sloping boardwalk. We went on passing the next two viewing platforms to your right all the way to the parking lot. You will see a gazebo near the parking area. If you sit on the bench in the gazebo farthest from the parking lot facing away from the lot, you will see a platform. To the left of the platform, you will see a tree. If you stand behind the tree, looking to the left, you will see another tree leaning at an angle. My cat ran to that tree. Look for my cat in the tree. I hope you find my cat. Please return my cat to the tree and hide it well.