Sunrise/Sunset  LbNA # 6304 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 25 2003
LocationSparta, TN
Found By DS
Last Found Nov 26 2006
Hike Distance?

Located at Centennial Wilderness Area (

Park at the Yellow Bluff Trailhead and hike the .3 miles back to the overlook.

At the overlook there is one broad view and 2 juts of rock a little further down that offer a view east and a view west. As you pass the broad view on your right, you will see where the trail curves on to the left to descend and continue. To the right there are 2 trails that lead to obvious overlook spots. Follow the most eastern of the two (the second trail) and look straight ahead. You will see a huge pine tree growing on the egde of the cliff. Stand with your back against the pine.

Look west to the nearest (much smaller) pine and the box is tucked to the right of it just under a small overhang of rock, hidden with a piece of bark and some smaller rocks.