Little Monsters  LbNA # 62880

Placed DateAug 6 2012
LocationButtonball School, Glastonbury, CT
Found ByRagface and Pumpkin
Last UpdateAug 15 2013


On a recent vacation to NH, my kids were soooo excited to find the letterbox "Scooby Doo and the Gang Take a bath" that I had them each pick their favorite Monster and carved them, planning to place them as add-ons.

Alas, we didn't get to find the series, as time during vacation so quickly runs out.

However, we decided to place them at our next vacation destination, in CT.

So here are the add-ons to Scooby Doo and the Gang Take a bath...just in a different state! HAHA

First find the Buttonball School on Randolph Rd/St(?) in Glastonbury.
Park in the back of the school and take the paved path that runs along the edge of the playing fields.

Mummy of Ankha
Continue on this paved path, until you see tree #12 on the left. The box is at the base of tree #12, on the right side.

Scooby Snack Monster
Continue on this pave path, entering the woods. Halfway through the wood section of the path, you will see a GIANT 3 sisters tree on the Right. With your back to the path, facing the 3 sisters tree, look into the woods and see the twin silver/white barked trees at ~11:00. It is behind, at the base.

***I come to CT maybe once a year, so if anyone would like to adopt these boxes, or keep an eye on them for me, that would be wonderful. Just contact me on atlasquest.

for more info:
Scooby Doo and the Gang Take a bath