Nature Quest  LbNA # 62804

OwnerKalamazoo Nature Center    
Placed DateAug 10 2012
LocationKalamazoo Nature Center, Kalamazoo, MI
Found By Purple Dragonfly
Last Found Oct 9 2014
Hike Distance?

Nature Quest

Follow the entrance drive to the parking lot and begin your quest at the benches. (Want to expand your visit? A ramp leads you to a bridge that brings you to the Interpretive Center. Otherwise once you are at the benches your clues begin there!)

The Kalamazoo Nature Center inspires people to care for the that lead them to understand their connection to the natural world. Visit for our open hours and admission fees. We created this letterbox for our Girl Scout program for the new Brownie Badge Letterboxer. Enjoy your adventure while visiting the Kalamazoo Nature Center.

# 1 To tell the time you need the Sun,
So find this contraption and you will have begun!
# 2 Look across the parking lot to a forum of white,
This entrance way leads you to many of nature's delights!
# 3 Follow the path until the Heron spreads its wings wide,
Turn Left in search of Harry Potter's Hedwig. (Attention! 8/10/12 I just found out that Harry Potter's Hedwig had a rotten post and is in for repair, so follow clue but go directly to #4 in search of it. I will repost this when item is repaired.)
# 4 Close by is a tree that droops to the ground. Carefully, enter without causing harm as you pass by the branches.
# 5 Once inside, look up and find the squirrel! Exit the direction that the squirrel points.
# 6 Outside of the tree turn right and look for the TeePee made of Cedar boards around a tree.
# 7 Stand at the opening of the tree and look slightly to the left of the tree and go to the road.
# 8 Turn right. Follow the road to the Y. Stop.
# 9 Look to your right and find a small (small like a shed) brown building.
# 10 Head to the brown building. Keep going. Look to the left. Look to the right. Keep Going. Stop at the Brown Building.
# 11 Turn to the right and go to the closest tree to the road.
# 12 Turn left and go down hill and steps.
# 13 Heavens to Mergatroid! Stage Center to the left even! Find the trail under the Mulberry tree branches.
# 14 Follow trail to a T and turn right.
# 15 Follow trail to a T again and Keep Right.
# 16 At Y go Right.
# 17 At next Y go left and stop at big rock.
# 18 Cross Parking lot to corner on your far left.
# 19 Enter Woods onto trail.
# 20 Follow until you reach the largest rock on your right and stop.
# 21 Turn Right and you will find me under "What a dog's voice is called?"

To exit be careful and watch for cars:
Option #1: You can follow road to the left and it will take you to the Kalamazoo Nature Center's Interpretive Center.
Option #2: You can carefully follow the road to your right and go up the hill to the parking lot where you began!

Please log your find at and, so myself and others will know the status of the box! Thank you!
Please wipe off stamp, seal the bags and hide well again!

I hope you enjoyed this Letterbox Adventure brought to you by the Kalamazoo Nature Center!