Prospect Hill Cemetery  LbNA # 62515

Placed DateJul 14 2012
CountyVan Buren
LocationPaw Paw, MI
Found By Angel Winks
Last Found Sep 8 2013
Hike Distance?

Prospect Hill Cemetery is on CR665 in Paw Paw.
I-94 to exit 60, South towards Lawton on M-40. CR665 is the first right turn South of I-94.

This is an uphill hike - please be careful on your way!

Take a left to enter the cemetery at the first open gate, a tall evergreen on each side of the drive. Turn right at the first choice. On left, a stone for Mr. Baggins?
Turn left onto a grassy path before passing WILCOX. See BANGS on your right and your best friend on your left.

(Side note: If you were to continue south on M-40 towards Lawton you would pass through Bang's Hollow. Probably the only Hollow North of the Mason-Dixon Line! HA! )

(Side note #2 - I drive a Jeep - cars may want to walk from here or drive around a bit to find another way...)

Proceed up the grassy path to the Mauseleum. Now you must walk where you may not roll. Pass a stone on the right with a verb on it - what you just did with your car.
Keep going! Up, up, up. Wow! This seems to go on forever! (more for some than us) At the choice, turn right. Follow the path around 'til you come to 8 steps on the right that lead up to ISAAC WILLARD pillar. A few steps past that, on the right are 2 pine trees, then an old stump. Look inside the stump. (You might want to bring gloves in case of poison ivy.?)
After stamping, continue on the same path, veer right at the choice. You'll pass a pretty boulder jutting out with a broken cross above it. At SIDNEY COX, veer right again. Pass 2 steps. At 6 steps, go left, to the top of the hill to find the GREMPS monument. Find MARIA & JENNIE on the pillar. With your back to them, walk to the edge to take in the view. SPECTACULAR! Now, turn around, 180*, cross the circle to find the HARRIS family stone. On the front side, in the middle you will find the letterbox.