The real story of steam power  LbNA # 6249 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 3 2003
Location???, WV
Planted ByLady Prisspott    
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 5 2005
Hike Distance?

Who invented the first steamboat? Robert Fulton, right? Wrong! Find a monument to the maker of the first steamboat. Go up the steps to the monument and around to the back. You’ll see a walkway leading into the woods. Follow the walkway until it ends. At the end of the walkway turn right onto the path that follows the stone wall to the right. Two Hemlock tress should be on the other side of the wall as you begin down the path. Stay on the path to where it crosses another path and go straight. If you went the correct way you should go down a little hill and at the bottom see a bowl like depression on the left. Standing in the center of this little depression, look ahead at a bearing of 85˚ to a large rock. Go to that rock. In a crevice is a lovely delft jar.