Tumalo 2nd Edition  LbNA # 6227 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 14 2005
LocationTumalo, OR
Planted By4Dtoes    
Found By troutehole
Last Found May 19 2007
Hike Distance?

While camping at Tumalo State Park, just south of here. We heard some amazing songs sung by natives to the area. Find your treasure to find out who the natives are. Enjoy the area!

Go East on HWY 20 out of Bend. (West on HWY 20 out of Sisters) When you reach Tumalo go left on O.B.Riley Road.(It will be on your right if you are coming from Sisters). Park at the Day Use area or walk from the camping area if you are camping.

From Tumalo State Park Campground entrance hop over to the day use side and cross the bridge. Follow the guardrail to the end. Notice the sign on the rocks "American Bakery" I thought that was interesting. Just past the end of the guardrail notice a trail to your left and head up hill and up stream. At the top enjoy the view of the river and head upstream along the edge but not too close to the edge. Please keep children close. You will pass a large Ponderosa Pine in the shape of a "V", keep going. You will see a snag sticking up from the rivers edge and just up ahead is another large Ponderosa Pine. From the base of this pinelook up stream yet again and notice a rock jetting out from the wall pointing accross the river. Go to this rock. Enjoy the view...As you face the river turn yourself 180 degrees and you will see a stump sticking up at the top of the hill. The box is hidden under a few rocks within the stump. Rehide well and follow the trail back. If you are camping see if you can hear the same natives that we did!

CAUTION: Please use extreme caution when climbing rocks and reaching in holes, etc., this is RATTLESNAKE country.

The origanal Tumalo box was placed in Nov. of 2003