canterbury  LbNA # 6214 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 28 2003
LocationOlympia, WA
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Hike Distance?

Driving Directions- Start out at the front end of Washington Middle School. As you aproach the stop sign- turn left out onto cain road. Then you will pass 2 blocks on your left- BUT at the second block turn left onto wedgewood drive. pull over to your right just before you hit the first house.
Start out at Olympia High School by the front of the school by the clock. Go around until you hit the stop sign. As you approach the stop sign turn left but you can only turn left if it was before 7:30 AM and after 3:30 PM. Turn left onto North street. Keep going staight down to the stop light. When you approach the stop keep going staight all the way down until you hit another stop sign. Once you hit that stop sign turn left onto cain road. and the right block to your right will be the road you turn down. Pull over immidatley to your right before the first house and park you car.

Hiking Ability- Very easy. Anyone can do it.

Time- a minute at the most

Bring these items- none

Clues- as your pulling into the neighbor hood- look for these things- brick, trees around, square, red, durt, block,green, brown

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