Smile Dailey  LbNA # 61469 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 15 2012
LocationDowagiac/Edwardsburg, MI
Found By MomCat
Last Found Jul 18 2014
Hike Distance?

*****Box replaced 07/18/2014*******

Dailey Rd. is a lovely country drive between Dowagiac and Edwardsburg. Some points of interest along the way include White Tail Ranch, Nelson Herbs and Kregers Orchard.

From Dowagiac, M-62 East, turn right onto Dailey Rd.
In Edwardsburg, US-12, North onto Dailey Rd.
Approximately 7 miles either way, you'll come to a 4-way Stop at Dunning St. There's an adorable little church on the NW corner, a cemetery across the street. Turn East onto Dunning St. and park by the side gate of the cemetery. It is closed but not locked. Once you've entered, walk past ELIZA, WIFE OF ARTHUR and along the fence. Turn left at the pile of logs above RUSSEY.
Giving to CHARITY makes you feel good inside.
Past the front gate on your right, to your left, you might feel comfortable in your LEVI jeans. Take a left at the family stone of VAIL, where you could feel exhilarated enjoying winter sports.
Continue on to between a scroll and a stump you see MOTHER PETTIGREW. The joys of Motherhood are many, as are the joys of time spent with Mother.
Note the big HAIN rock as you continue forward.
Service to country as well as honoring those who serve can be a source of Pride and Joy. Continue forward past LT. COLONEL THURSBY. At the SAYER family plot, turn right and proceed to the fenceline to find a golden brown barked mulit-trunker and your smile of the day.

In the words of the Great Louis Armstrong, "Smile and the Whole World Smiles With You." Type that into your search box, you might just be pleasantly surprised! :)