The American Bird Trail  LbNA # 61132 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 18 2012
Location21145 Fifteen Mile Road, Bellevue, MI
Found By codysix
Last Found Apr 14 2013
Hike Distance?

Bernard W. Baker Sanctuary
Audubon Society Meadow & Marsh
21145 Fifteen Mile Road
Bellevue, MI, 49021

Located on 15 Miles Road between T Drive N and Q Drive N in Bellevue, MI

At the Trail Head Parking Lot marked with the sign by the road that reads: Audubon Society Meadow & Marsh Baker Sanctuary, park in the little parking area located there.
About 1-1.5 miles
Be sure to bring a compass and we stongly recommend binoculars and a camera. :)
Step = a regular step: right (1), left (2), right (3)...

Start at the "Enter" sign located by the information board. Hike past the wrangly brush on the left and the bat house located in the field to the right. Continue and go around the corner to the right; follow the trail as it twists through the trees ahead. Descend down the path until the path comes to a T. Turn 2 Bluebird Loop. From the sign continue 34 steps down the path; find where X marks the spot (don't touch the X!) Standing in front of the X face 20 degrees N. You will find the first stamp in this series under the tree with a bended knee.

To find the second stamp in this series: Continue on the path; pass 2 houses on the left, 3 on the right and around the corner pass the 4 fingers growing out of a trunk. Go down the path but do not "Walkinshaw"! instead "Walk the other way!!!" Continue on the path and when given the option, go left, then follow the trail up to the lonely old woman who lives on the hill. You will find that she guards this letterbox very well.
To find the third and final stamp in this series: Be sure to thank the old lady for guarding the letterbox so well then head "East" on the trail. When given the option go left then follow the trail upwards, “No fear a resting place is near!” This is a great time to break out those binoculars and enjoy the view or listen carefully to see how many different bird you can hear. Continue on your quest to the next place you could take a rest. Don't sit this time, you will need to stay the course. Pause only to reconize that you have sucessfully found this clue and to begin to count your steps. When you reach 50 turn to the right. Looking down the hill into the woods you will see a baby standing all alone; walk carefully down to greet this little one. Take careful notice that there is a fence line that stretches out behind him. Looking down the fence line you will see a mother and her child snuggled close to one another living in the fence. Together they guard the 3rd and final letterbox in this series.
Bonus: In this letter box you will also find a bonus clue. This would be a good time to break out your camera...
Thank you for participating in this Letterboxing adventure with us! This is a great way to make priceless memories and we thank you for sharing your stamp. Please be sure to take great care to hide the letterboxes back in the same location that you found them.
You can go back the way that you came or continue up the path and it will wind you back as well.
Happy Trails!
The 4blingwarblurs