Get Lucy  LbNA # 61121 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe Pakrat    
Placed DateMar 16 2012
Location???, NJ
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Hike Distance?

4/1/2013 It appears that Sandy got Lucy first and carried her off. This box will be replaced when I get the chance.
Find the spot from where it was rumored that the order was transmitted. Go north-by-northwest along the street until you reach an intersection, then turn right and head east-by-southeast until you reach the end of the road. Follow the sandy path between the guardrails until you see a large concrete block. Ringside, sight 186 degrees to a tall evergreen. From the evergreen, sight 210 degrees to a pile of broken concrete chunks. In the shade of the piece with the metal tentacles, you’ll find the letterbox, under a flat rock, camouflaged by leaf debris.

• Bring your own ink; black is suggested.
• Please rehide well and watch for muggles; the area looks like a local hangout.
• Area may be prone to flooding after heavy rains.