...Flowers Anymore  LbNA # 60837

OwnerLee & Nancy      
Placed DateFeb 19 2012
CountyLos Angeles
LocationGriffith Park, Los Angeles, CA
Found By The Flemings
Last Found Apr 4 2012
Hike Distance?

This series is planted at the old zoo area in Griffith Park. The inspiration behind this series, is that I was recently told, "You just love me for my ________. You don't buy me flowers anymore." So I brought some flowers, but you will have to work to find them. Park at the Old Zoo Picnic Area, and take the asphalt path up to the old enclosures. continue past all the cages to where the asphalt path curves to the right at a wash.

Tulips - Go up the path along the right side of the wash past 9 dams/spillways, cross another trail, and continuing up the left side of the right wash, up to the first large boulder. From the left (path) side, reach over near the back of the boulder to get the tulips growing in the crevice under rocks and debris.

Tiger Lilies - Continue uphill, across the wash and back, up rocks, through the wash to a tree forming an arch over the path. Go another 30 steps to the Tiger Lilies growing in the corner of the oven (bus) on your right, under a rock. (Note: I startled a deer (and he startled me) in this area, and he just watched me as I passed by).

Poppies - Continue up the path and go right at the fork to a low tree arch over path, and continue to yet another low tree arch (may be the third one). Double-back twelve steps and look off the trail to the right for three trees. Look behind the large rock in the center, under debris and a rock.