a-MAZE-ing letterbox by Zoe  LbNA # 60830

OwnerLetterboxing with Zoe    
Placed DateFeb 19 2012
CountySan Luis Obispo
LocationCambria, CA
Found ByBlue Paws (Attempted)
Last UpdateJun 23 2015
Hike Distance?

-Heading north on Highway 1 towards Cambria.
-At Cambria's first signal light, turn RIGHT on to MAIN ST.
-At the first street left, make a LEFT on to ETON.
-Continue up Eton.
-BEFORE the first Stop Sign, make a quick right into the St. Paul's Church driveway.
-Proceed to the very BACK parking area. Park here.
(PLEASE NOTE: On Sundays or special events, church parking lot may be full.)
-Go down the east facing wooden stairway.
-"Mirror, mirror on the wall, point a direction to us all!" HTNIRYBAL
-at the HTNIRYBAL, stand in the middle and face the beginning
-step forward 20 paces and you will be led to the RING.
-Right or Left, take your pick...both bring you opposite where the RING began.
-With the fountain at your back, move forward (NOT down the hill) 10 paces and stop
-What a peaceful place to meditate and unwind, gazing upon this old leaning pine
-Between the fence and the concrete wall, you will find the letterbox mine!