Luna Sol Brujas (HLRG)  LbNA # 60827 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerWhisper Foot    
Placed DateFeb 19 2012
LocationPatapsco State Park, Marriottsville, MD
Found By paper trail
Last Found Sep 12 2012
Hike Distance?

This carve is by La Chola. As part of the Historic Letterboxing Restoration Group (HLRG) I have adopted the box and put it back into action. Enjoy!

Find your way to Marriottsville Road to the McKeldin part of Patapsco. Park in the lot just past the contact station. Feel free to check out the trail map.

Take the Switchback Trail (white) down to the water and make a Left on Tall Poplar (purple). When you reach the top and the trail starts to go downhill, look to the right for a double next to a triple poplar tree cluster then a steep ravine. At the next blaze on the Right side of the trail, stop. Take a bearing of Due North and look for a lone pine tree. Luna Sol Brujas is waiting for you behind a SPOR. Return to the trail. At the next intersection make a left and this will take you back to the contact station.